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Girls are trained to say, ‘I wrote this, but it’s probably really stupid.’ Well, no, you wouldn’t write a novel if you thought it was really stupid. Men are much more comfortable going, ‘I wrote this book because I have a unique perspective that the world needs to hear.’ Girls are taught from the age of seven that if you get a compliment, you don’t go, ‘Thank you’, you go, ‘No, you’re insane.’
Lena Dunham, in an interview with The Guardian (x)

Some inspiration to all women writers out there!

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Joyeux Anniversaire La Tour Eiffel


Joyeux Anniversaire La Tour Eiffel


The architect Gustave Eiffel revealed his now world renowned  tower for the World’s Fair 125 years ago today – March 31, 1889 – an anniversary remembrance of sorts as to commemorate the 100th year since the French Revolution. Standing 1,062 feet tall, the Iron Lady, as she is nicknamed, was only supposed to stand for twenty years, alas, history had other plans.

Standing as the tallest man-made…

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